Nissan Almera one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six – reviews of the years of reliable operation

Nissan Almera one thousand nine hundred ninety-six – reviews of years of reliable operation.

1996 Nissan Almera Hatch., was delivered from Holland. I am already the fourth owner of this beautiful girl. Picking up the model quite a long time, in fact, a month devoted to the Web, reading reviews and taking into account their monetary abilities. There were well-defined requirements for the car – capacity, Jap less than 100 liters.с.

Under these requirements searched specifically this model, picked up 5 cars to choose from. After examinations attracted the last – we received together with the spouse, he inspected the technical condition. We had one hundred and eighty thousand. Let the Nissan Almera one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six is not a Volkswagen or Honda, but in fact the category is different, well, and for these funds in particular nothing can be bought for money. I have been driving for 5 years all year round. During this period of time changed the clutch, various consumables, ball joints and all.

Reviews Nissan Almera one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six – convenience and driving properties.

For its own class car is surprisingly successful. I recklessly love my purchase. I begin to miss it very much, when I do not drive it for a long time. But all this is lyric. If to speak in essence – the car with a manual transmission, 1.6 engine, chain, pretty fast model, just goes from a place, when it is necessary to overtake – the third accelerates very rapidly, jumps up.

Naturally, the ride is quite stiff, but the car holds the road perfectly. The speed is truly cruiser in the range of 110-120, but can fully give and 140, I just do not like this speed. Consumption is 8.5-9 л. in the city, and seven litres. on the freeway. The car with a spacious interior, soft, comfortable seats. Air conditioner works until now (haven’t done anything BOMBONES from Spanish to English to it in 5 years, only cleaned the cabin filter).

Later adapted the model for Russia – raised the back, put cushions, ground clearance is actually 20 cm. In summer I drove all around the woods, never let me down, even went to the peat bogs. Is also behaves well in Moscow, at traffic lights goes in the middle of the first. And the capacity deserves special praise. At one moment we even put a two-meter bed and the trunk closed.

It likes oil, but in principle in moderation – I pour little by little. Quite a rumbling engine, when you go for a long time, a little strained. Only after this winter saw a few rusty spots on the sills. There is no sense to speak about other trimmings – music, tinting, power windows, all this is available. But in fact on the driving properties it particularly has no effect, although the additional comfort is really very important.

The car at this point is seventeen years old, is really an honorable car. Started to find a replacement at the moment, and I can say with certainty – I want the same car, just a newer. Very sorry that Nissan decided to withdraw this model from production, because the body is really successful.

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