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Federation for Educational Development

Giving Hope to the Homeless Peoples

Federation for Educational Development is a non-profit organization with more than 250 members under its wings, which include NGOs, Trusts, RWAs, Employees’ Union, Educational Institutional Communities, etc. The focus area of the federation is to bring all its members under one umbrella and make them aware of government schemes and programmes meant for the educational development of children belonging to minority communities and socially and economically weaker sections of the society. With its motto as ‘education for all’, the federation is dedicated to bring about a socio-economic change by focusing on the basic education of unprivileged children. Promotion of Urdu and modernization of Madarsa education is another important aim of federation. For these purposes, the federation organizes workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures, programmes, symposiums, etc. and informs all member organizations about such government schemes that benefit the unprivileged.

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Our Vision

We’ve funded 60,000 charity projects for 20M people around the world

Educate to homeless

Slavery is one of the worst forms of violence – as is the denial of education. Education is key to liberating children from slavery.

Help the flood affected

There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.”

Medical facilities for flood victim

Medical Relief Camps in Flood Disaster-affected and pandemic Area to serve the peoples who are needy.

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Our Volunteers

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Our Journey

A Brief about our History

We were build a Strong team for:

Federation for Educational Development is a nonprofit organization having around 250 (two hundred & fifty) NGOs, NPOs, Trusts & RWAs members. Federation is working for last twelve years and registered under society registration act 1860 by the registrar of societies at New Delhi (India) in 2009. Federation is also committed to provide guidance and support to its members. Federation has been working to uplift the society by implementing various activities in the area of education by promoting awareness. i.e.

Among the Socio Backward Section of Society: Right to Education Act & Sarv Siksha Abhiyan, Various Scholarship, Computer Education & Digital Awareness, Career Counselling, Competitive Exams Coaching & English Speaking Classes, Educational Seminar for Madarsa & School Teachers, Public Meetings for Health Education & Cleanliness.

Among the Members of Federation: Counselling Sessions for NGOs, NPOs, Trusts & RWAs regarding Digital Awareness, Fund Management and Accounting and Government Schemes.

Towards the Government Representatives: In addition to this Federation is also put forward the Issues and Demands towards the concerned pertaining to the society time to time.

Our strategic priorities up to 2009 are:

  • To promote education, awareness, and skills through the Information & Technology.
  • Awareness building about the ‘Need & Importance of Education’.
  • Bringing the deprived, dropped-out, working children under the net of part-time education.
  • Awareness building towards the various schemes of Social Welfare.
  • To Guidance the NGOs, NPOs, Trusts & RWAs for smooth functioning.
  • To digitally aware the NGOs, NPOs, Trusts & RWAs for smooth functioning.
  • Provide the resources and opportunities to the needy to achieve the goal of the FED.
  • Approach the concerned towards the needs, issues and demands of the society.